Business & Technology

Do you have a special interest in business and technology?  
Take a look at these cutting-edge programs in Memphis:

Emerge Memphis
A business & technology incubator that helps high-growth start-ups and early stage companies

FedEx Institute of Technology
A research catalyst, engaging collaborative inter-disciplinary research teams to drive innovation, commercial technology realization and corporate partnerships.

Ignite Memphis
A fast-paced geek event where speakers are given 20 slides, each shown for 15 seconds, giving each speaker 5 minutes of fame.

Supports the earliest stages of entrepreneurship in Memphis with dynamic programs that are designed to help potential entrepreneurs to take the first steps of starting a new business.

Memphis Bioworks Foundation
Brings together public, private, academic and government entities in a collaborative effort to change the Memphis bioscience landscape

Society of Entrepreneurs
Educates and encourages entrepreneurship in Memphis through mentoring programs, roundtable discussions and valuable insights from successful business leaders in the community.

We love the feeling of acceptance and kindness we have found in Jewish Memphis - there is so much to do and explore in this diverse city!


Jeff and Abbey Cowens